“BUNT” was created in various phases and steps over the process of many months. It started as a mainly yellow and blue squeegee. Later it got a layer of decoupage for structure, followed by bright colourful acrylic colours. Finishing touches were realized with pastel colours and a white snowy-like balancing cover. Fun fact: Incorporated in the paintings colour, are the remains of a sparkler from New Year’s Eve 2018 / 2019. 

The visual appearance of BUNT is mainly influenced by Graffiti: a wall that has been crossed and crossed, over years or even decades. 

“BUNT” means colourful / a lot of colours in German. BUNT as part of your personality stands for all the cheerful, playful and creative traits. BUNT wants to make you feel light-hearted, enjoy life and laugh with your loved ones. 

“BUNT”, 100cm x 100cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018/2019