“Gönn‘ Dir, Brudi!”

„Gönn Dir, Brudi!“ is about sprinkles and a piece of the Bunt (colourful) sphere. Colourful sprinkles poured generously over an already tasty thing, to make it even more joyful. Have you ever seen a child pour sprinkles on a cake? If you let them, they are never stingy with their resources. Why not follow their example? In German we say “Gönn Dir, Brudi!”.

This piece combines the artists classic technique of squeegee painting with modern Pop Art. In the micro view you will find the sprinkles filled with monochrome abstract fields. The macro view reveals the Pop Art aspect with contoured colourful sprinkles.

“Gönn‘ Dir, Brudi!”, 80cm x 80cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on wooden canvas – 2022