“Multiverse”, 125cm x 125cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on
canvas – 2021-2023
What started as a Big Bang, finds its solution in a „Multiverse“. What
looks stunning from the far, becomes even more captivating with a very
close step towards the artwork and the concentration to just one of the
600 squares: Each square contains a universe itself.

“Gönn‘ Dir, Brudi!”

“Gönn‘ Dir, Brudi!”, 80cm x 80cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on
wooden canvas – 2022
„Gönn Dir, Brudi!“ is about sprinkles and a piece of the Bunt (colourful)
sphere. Colourful sprinkles poured generously over an already tasty
thing, to make it even more joyful. Have you ever seen a child pour
sprinkles on a cake? If you let them, they are never stingy with their
resources. Why not follow their example? In German we say “Gönn Dir,


“Weiß”, 50cm x 40cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018
“Weiß“ tries to fool you! It is actually not that white! Depending on the light, the red is very central and becomes nearly the dominant colour of the piece. But, once you concentrate on the white and get lost in its layers with a deeper look, the whole calm and balancing idea of the series` white comes back and lets you breathe deeply again. 


“Schwarz”, 50cm x 40cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018
From the far, “Schwarz” is just black and in order to not be so alone, it got its antagonist white. BUT – as always, come closer and have a look beneath the obvious. There is gold (!), red, green! And also, the black is not just black. Move your head, look at the picture from different ankles and see the very top matt black layer. Oh, what you would have missed, if you did not come closer…