Works: Schwarz|Weiß|Bunt

The “Schwarz|Weiß|Bunt“ (“Black|White|Colourful”) series combines works of the artist, in a self-contained and cohesive collection.

The background construction of the series are basic psychological considerations of a personality model and the artist`s take on that. It’s about self-development and self-realization and working on yourself towards a state of balanced contentment, which however, requires continuous work on yourself and dealing with your own personality. Only in the balance of black, white and colorful personality traits and the opportunity to act them out and to allow yourself to create spaces to integrate all three personality aspects in your life. 

The artist herself started her inner development with an over-represented hold of black attributes in her life. Black stands for strength perseverance, a fighting spirit and a big dose of survival mode. However, these combative aspects can be damaging if they take over the whole existence.

Therefore, the first development step was to integrate more white parts into her life. White stands for calm relaxation, the coolness in the head and balance of the nervous system. Also, white means the absence of interference from loud colors and therefore stimuli.

In a further development step, the aim was to bring colorful parts back to life. The colorful aspects and traits stand for childlike parts such as joy, exuberance, celebrating creativity and giving up control to a certain extent.

The ultimate goal was and always will be to harmonize all three areas with each other. Neither area is more important than the other, neither area is preferred. All three areas must coexist.

In the different combinations, the works show the different stages of development. If you look at the works in this series in terms of the three personality categories mentioned, you will recognize the prevailing focus characteristics in each case. Some works focus on the colorful subject, isolated with white and black parts, other works are more at home in the white area and only show slight traits of colorful and black. Sometimes two features have been combined sometimes three characteristics have already been combined.


“Multiverse”, 125cm x 125cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2021-2023 What started as a Big Bang, finds its solution in a „Multiverse“. What looks stunning from the far, becomes…

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“Schwarzweiß”, 80cm x 80cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on wooden canvas – 2022 No colour except “Schwarzweiß“ in this piece. Just black and white. They make each other better. They see…

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“Gönn‘ Dir, Brudi!”

“Gönn‘ Dir, Brudi!”, 80cm x 80cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on wooden canvas – 2022 „Gönn Dir, Brudi!“ is about sprinkles and a piece of the Bunt (colourful) sphere. Colourful sprinkles…

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The piece “Juju“ has layers and layers and layers – colours over colours over colours. Light beams and an upward stream – to make it better, to heal. It took a lot…

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“Weiß”, 50cm x 40cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018 “Weiß“ tries to fool you! It is actually not that white! Depending on the light, the red is very central and…

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“Schwarz”, 50cm x 40cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018 From the far, “Schwarz” is just black and in order to not be so alone, it got its antagonist…

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“Vertrauen”, 50cm x 40cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018 “Vertrauen” is a middle piece that just happened “out of the blue” or rather turquoise. Everywhere blue and yellow…

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“Licht” is one part of a pair and belongs to “Koralle” and they share the same effect: From the far distance, you only see a neon yellow, grey and white in the…

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From the far distance, you only see a coral red, grey and white in the background. But step closer and see what is beneath the white – you will find a lot…

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“Inselglück”, 30cm x 30cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018 “Inselglück” gives you an outlook to golden hours, walking back home from the beach late, with salty hair and…

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Ich flieg mit Dir

“Ich flieg mit Dir”, 30cm x 30cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018 “Ich flieg mit Dir“ is spart 2 of a mini pair. It is a rather white…

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Flieg mit mir

“Flieg mit mir”, 30cm x 30cm, acrylic colours & mixed media on canvas  “Flieg mit mir” is part 1 of a mini pair. This work is a rather Black and White piece,…

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“BUNT”, 100cm x 100cm, acrylic colours and mixed media on canvas – 2018/2019 BUNT was created in various phases and steps over the process of many months. It started as a mainly…

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