Theresa Gondorf is a contemporary artist for abstract art, living in Hamburg and Bayreuth, Germany. She uses acrylic colours and mixed media on stretched canvases or wood canvases. The typical structure and thereby depth and light effects of the paintings are being achieved by her signature decoupage layers, applied mostly after the base layer and before the multiple acrylic colour layers. 

She uses varied everyday materials for the decoupage layer, from common paper napkins to natural pressed leaves or sand. The different layers of the painting thereby represent different phases and especially memories of life. Those parts that shine through from previous layers, have been conserved – by chance and randomly or intentionally with the usage of covering tape. Some memories get lost in the process, forgotten under new layers. Some bad memories get deliberately overpainted, making room for new colours that fit better to the present, which is the final painting. But each layer is necessary to build the final result – step by step. 

Theresa Gondorf is thereby on a journey to professionalize making art for Highly Sensitive People. Being a HSP herself, she is drawn to art that has just the right amount of stimulation: Allowing the spectator to let own emotions and imaginations evolve, but neither being overwhelmed by stimulus nor being bored – exactly in the perfect HSP spot.  

Main influences of her work are in the roots Gerhard Richter and Graffiti. Newer works get a slight twist by inspiration of the Tachism of Toyen and Pop Art (mainly Jeff Koons). 

Current subjects of her original paintings are the Schwarz|Weiß|Bunt (Black|White|Colourful) space and the L!cht (L!ght) space. 

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